Concise ARTicles

 Below are personal artistic and musical SECRETS that I wish to share with you.  Merge them with your learned (artistic) experiences to find what's useful to you:


How to See Something Out of Nothing 

An exercise on letting the imagination create imageries that are actually existing in the mind's memory.

drawing girl

Surest Ways to Improve Your Drawing

Improving the skill in drawing is more than a practice.  There is a hard shortcut to it. 


Understanding Perspective in One Seating

If you are clueless about Perspective Drawing, here is an interesting brief background.

facial plane diagram

Concise Figure Drawing - Part 1

An instant guide to figure drawing with diagrams in an easier to understand format.

hand drawing

Concise Figure Drawing - Part 2

Continued from Part 1, it is a more detailed guide in drawing the rest of the body parts.


Being Savvy with Metronome

An example of long-term advantage of exploiting the use of metronome in music.  (Image credit...)


Archived of Learned Lessons and Realizations