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Formerly called CREATIVE ALLIANCE, the page title has to change as applicable. It is a collection of concise links of musical and creative global friends and collaborators.

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BaYaT pic

BaYaT - 

This five piece rock band from Novi Sad, Serbia are starting to set the world alight with their electrifying live performances and blowing minds with powerfully honest rock tracks. “M8’s vocals captivate you like no other,   you can’t help but believe him.” says David Kitching, BaYaT manager.

Byebyefish pic

Byebyefish - 

Byebyefish is a French artist with two main musical universes. He composes piano melodic and blissful pieces inspired by classical masters such as Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel or Erik Satie and by musicians like Yann Tiersen. He also realised in 2020 ‘De Pénombres en lumières’, an indie-folk LP album, writing and singing most of lyrics in French. More at:

Byron Smith pic

Byron Smith - 

Byron Smith is an independent singer, songwriter and recording artist based out of Melbourne, Australia – a vibrant city renowned for its thriving music scene.   Perhaps best described as ‘thoughtful, alternative pop’, Byron’s songs explore thoughts and feelings often left unexplored in this genre.  More at

Dee Tom pic

Dee Tom 

Making music for people all over world and I hope you will like it... #electronic #reggae #rock #funk #deephouse #producer #artist #indie #playlistcurator

Dr. Snik pic

Dr. Snik - 

Snik/verb: to cut, snip or nick... 

Dr. Snik has risen from the grave to bring you spooky grooves from the Netherworld. A collection of song/soundscapes brought from the Pits of Hell, the Dark Jungles of the Mind and the Outer Reaches of the Galaxy... Dr. Snik is a multi-award winning music composer bringing you original dark, spooky and eclectic electronic music and sound.

Gib pic

Gib - 

Gib is an English solo artist producing music that covers multiple genres from mellow piano to alternative rock. He has recorded and released numerous albums and E.P.s and is continuing to develop whilst experimenting and exploring each new direction he takes.

Gib pic

KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus - 

I'm KOJI living in Tokyo, Japan. I listened to Rock and got a guitar. After that, I worked as a backpacker in India to collect folk music and listened to a wide variety of music such as club music, hip hop and classical music. Bedroom recording using an old MTR and sampler. I get an impression from the people I meet, and I create the lyrics from there. I formed a band with bassist Yumiko to perform at a clubhouse.

Marako Marcus pic
Marako Marcus - 

Each of us needs a message, of hope, of positivity & of inspiration. Each song comes with a unique message for every listener. Marako Marcus is an indie musician and composer in ambient music, with a passion for exploring  scenes through history and time, life experiences, and “painting” it into a musical canvas.

Music Container pic
Music Container - 

Evolutionary theory continues to evolve and I am part of it. Nature, of course, is the pinnacle when it comes to evolution.  This is how I try to live music together with my other passion which is plants.  When both merge into melodies or noises is when, your listener and my music are on the same frequency and both are reaching the climax.  Get ready to go through more evolutionary stages!

Padre Toxico pic

Padre Toxico - 

Music is an essential part of my life since I remember. Recently I started my adventure with music production and I am already addicted to it. My fav genres are all sorts of electronic music as well as hip-hop and rnb. I dont exactly know what I'm doing, but I am having helluva time while doing it.  I want other people to have some positive sensations while listeing to my stuff.

Sean Barron pic
satosii - 

satosii is melody writer who makes LoFi music in Japan. His music is inspired by his own memories, nature and urban splendor. His simple, short piano melodies are melancholy and heartfelt.

Sean Barron pic
Sean Barron - 

Sean Barron is a Chicago based producer & musician with a focus on weaving storytelling and folklore into his music. An avid oil painter & multi-instrumentalist, he enjoys pushing the limits of traditional genres in both his music and his art. Sean has played in a number of bands over the years with his current music released under two groups, Sean Barron and the Sneezy Beards.

Sergio Serravalle pic

Sergio Serravalle - 

I live in Italy where I was born. There was a guitar hidden in the closet and it wasn't for me, it was for my brother. That's how love with music started.I think a musician has to create, I hope something will come to those who listen to me. I hope so. Playing the music of the past doesn't make sense. When we want to hear it, it's everywhere.

Skylar Nevaeh pic

Skylar Nevaeh - 

Skylar Nevaeh is a female music producer, singer and visual artist from The Netherlands. She has published multiple albums and singles in the genres chill and lounge. She also makes her own visual artwork, like video's and collage art.

Sophie Dorsten pic

Sophie Dorsten 

National Recording Artist Sophie Dorsten is an Indie/Pop Singer-Songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. She has been singing her strong, dynamic sound around the valley and beyond since she was nine. Sophie has released several EP’s and many singles; her most recent “Sea Salt” was created and recorded with her brother Alex.

Tube Amp 101 pic

Tube Amp 101 

Tube Amp 101 is a solo project by singer/guitarist Phil A from Perth Australia.  He's attempting to bring old school indie back to the Great Southern land. Named after that certain sound all true guitar enthusiasts obsess over. In 2020 the new project has produced three retro-inspired singles and an EP.  There is a further EP and an album planned for 2021.  "Regardless of what Spotify may ask, I don't like the current obsession of everyone having to produce a single every six weeks."  Let's all try and keep it real.

Vernons Future pic

Vernons Future 

Vernons Future are a UK indie band from Oxford/London with a distinctive twist on the poppier end of the indie spectrum. VF were born as The Vernons in Liverpool back in the 80’s - hundreds of gigs led up to album Smithdown  Road on Probe Plus. VF now love to regularly gig and release singles.

YSE design pic

YSE design 

YSE design is an artist from The Netherlands. She draws and writes poetry. She gets inspired by music and life themes for her artwork.

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