Every Single Detail Matters

Date Posted: Jan 17, 2020

There is nothing special about any creative output. You see it finished, compiled, and maybe melting on its own. You imagine how it turned out as it was. Of course, you can dissect the mystery unless you have a hold of the source file. You start to think of the non-existent backstage. It only matters if you care enough, but it would matter even more if it’s a hit to everyone. But it mattered to you.

Would it be useful, or would it be ignored?

There is a point where one idea comes to life. How do you organize your thought? As a musician, you probably take it from the chorus first, or maybe from a short riff that is inspiring enough to carry you over into the next thing you imagine to be an explosive bang! 

When you start to contemplate it as a finished product, where you are accountable to publish, that is where the discipline kicks in. When you are producing more seriously, you can’t let important details taken for granted. You have to take care of each layer’s journey. You can delegate this to a reliable person if you have to or do it fiercely.

Just pigeonhole each detail like you take care of an infant. And you’re sure to go. 

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