What Do You Sell?

Date Posted: Feb. 5, 2021

It's easy to say that I am selling entertainment (and ideas). My links here, as an indie musician, directs you to streaming platforms where every play at length would earn me some microscopic cents - haha-cough! Oh, I could just imagine the sarcasm about selling music. Fortunately or unfortunately, that's where I signed up, so I don't have to complain yet. I'm still focused on producing at the moment. Wait until I have a thousand good things in the archive.

What do you sell?

Some multinational companies sell food derivatives which we all find in the grocery. Some sell organic goods. Some sell services. Some sell any form of security. Some sell souls. 

In one of the seminars, the speaker said: "Buy shares from companies who sell helpful products."

And you browse to find how each mind in every vision/mission wants to serve well and be leaders in their own right. Almost all of them want to sell the most in-demand products for world consumption.

Some sell ideas that changed one life. Some sell hope and happiness! 

Have you ever traded your dignity for a generous amount? Or does it even matter now?

Do you even need to be too philosophical about it? Others mean no bullsh!t. They just put money to procure goods, open a small shop, sell early in the morning, and don't mind much about what a good bath means.

So... What do you sell?

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