Music Collab for a Cause

Updated:  Feb 16, 2023
Out now on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, AMAZON, Youtube, Deezer, etc... !!!

 I was a part of this multi-cultural group collaboration for a cause!

 Tango In Fado

Now on Youtube!  A multi-cultural collab for a cause where 9 of us sung 3 languages for the choir parts of a Deutsch-pop song led by the main artist Stefan Voss, the composer, musician & producer...

Together with (alphabetical order):

Animal Revolt 
AnnBS (Ann Badere-Santos) or yours truly 
Eduanis Zerquera
Johanna Saint-Pierre
Luis Lyness
Nathalie Weider
Roderiko Pop
The Perics. 

Tango In Fado music album cover art, designed by Stefan Voss

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