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Artmusicworks.com contributes ART -- such as indie music, visual artworks, concise journals/articles, and resources.   

One of the site perks is to feature like-minded indie talents who share their concise stories.

This site is NOT for everyone. It is only for those who care about some facets of creativity, learning, and making things happen.

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Content & Web Mistress

Hello, I am Ann, the foundress of this site.  I work in the technical field, did commissioned artworks, producing original indie music in every spare time, and am an avid fan of learning things just like most of you. 

Along the way, I also don't fall short of earth-shattering tragedies  and other lonely experiences. But I tend to move on. 

Posting contents here will maximize the use of my side-skills, which is the core reason for running this web.

It is a creative journey, a consequence of continuous doing & learning.