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"My NOW PAGE helps me get focused on what I am currently doing
by being more accountable to complete my priorities." - Ann

Updated:  Oct 10, 2020

* Professional Architectural Practice 2020:

- Currently involved in medium-rise, high-density housing projects (for 90+ families).  One project is on turn-over stage.  Covid lockdown still have effects on processes. 

- Working on a three-storey residential design.

* 2020: 

Sporadic updates will resume now after I have competed/submitted a one-month school-related piano commitment for my girl.


Arhythmetic Projects:

Odd-time-signatured music:

- Started my 6th single days ago tentatively entitled "Aftermath" because I can't let the idea go.  Guitar parts around 40%.  7/8 odd time signature.

- Still working on my 5th single, "Monochrome." Music is 85% done, lyrics 95%.  Key signature is 7/8.  Initially composed out of chord fragments, finger picked guitar playing. Hope it becomes my first-released progressive music. Been wanting to let out one for a long while.  

- Three (3) mock music in the old drafts are in line with the above music project.

- Learning to shift to Ableton DAW.  It's a hard transition from my favorite old DAW...


- Fart Terminology" Comic Strips: Completed 25 digital linearts, 10 colored strips posted.  1 strip not posted.  ART updates & blogs will definitely slow down.  

* Personal 2020:

- Constantly plays guitar/piano (I returned back to minutes of Hanon daily) 
- Constantly drafts concepts, sketches, riffs, on sketchpad/notebooks
- Plays Spotify while working.  Likes Playlisting.  
- Tweeting (more lately) for fun stuff/promo.  I stopped posting regularly on FB. 
- I don't watch TV except some news
- Bikes when I buy stuff
- Dumbells every other day, 20 to 30 minutes
- Married with 1 child
-  How do I do it all?  One at a time.  There is no other way.

What am I reading?   
- Seth Godin's Daily Blog (takes a minute to do)  
- site
- Spreading the Idea Virus by Seth Godin

Recently finished books:
- "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon
- "Your Music & People" & "Hell yeah or No" by Derek Sivers; 
- "The War Of Art" by Steven Pressfield

 What the heck is a NOW Page and what is it for?

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