NOW Page

This page only shares what are in the works NOW to help me get focused and be accountable to complete my priorities.  I do not disclose future plans and goals here."

Updated:  April 10, 2021

A. 2021: 
1. D.I.Y. Indie Music: 

  • Reviving Gentlewind from my old archive; polishing the guitar works.  
  • Working the arrangement of Arhythmetic II: Mad Canticle - a prog music, odd time signature. 
  • Mastering one of my favorite piano pieces, "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" by Michael Nyman. 
  • COMPLETED:  7th single called 'Close to Me' released on March 12, 2021.  
2. Artworks:
  • Updates were put on hold. 
3. Journal:
4. Music of the Day (Indie Perk):
  • Sometime mid-March, I started this daily indie perk on twitter called Music of the Day.

    B.  Architectural Practice 2021:
    • Covid lockdown halts activities again, might extend the entire month of April...  [Pending: residential and medium-rise, high-density socialized housing project for marginalized families] 

    C.  Personal 2021:
    • Married with one (1) progeny 

    D.  Recommended Links:

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