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Launched on October 5, 2019, artmusicworks.com is on its pilot year with a vision to contribute concise, useful, educational content and entertain readers. Its business side -- link to global streaming platforms, shop -- makes it a serious hobby.

The site is NOT for everyone. It is only for those who care about ART in selected forms as shown here. 

Content Mistress / Artist:

My name is Ann -- an avid learner, ARTist and a D.I.Y. indie musician (by hobby) from Philippines. I was clinically diagnosed "Type-A" after having problem with my retina, a decade ago.  But I'm fine now.

contribute my personal art & music in this site.  Being fond of learning things just like everyone else, the skill should be constantly practiced, shared and be a medium to touch lives.  This is my core reason for running this web. My lifetime hero inspires me constantly to never stop improving on what I do. The whole process includes waging war with my lizard brain.  :) So, wish me well! 

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